Abacus math has become a favorite among parents these days. Their liking is quite justified too. It is because teaching math basics through a beaded frame has solved several learning-related issues in kids. So, when you search ‘Abacus classes near me’, you can expect to gain the following benefits.

  • Improved number sense

Kids do mug up ‘1, 2, 3’ and the number names at the pre-primary stage. But, this will be only the half-knowledge. It is important for kids to understand what these numbers stand for. Understanding of the value related to numbers is called number sense. Those who ask, “What is abacus’, can refer to a beaded frame. By maneuvering those beads on the rods, kids cultivate number sense easily.

They can understand with ease what the numbers imply. Consequently, they can grasp the concepts of greater than – smaller than, etc. with added affirmation.

  • Computational ease

The abacus math equips the kids with computational ease. They can perform calculations of multiple digit numbers within seconds. The abacus math learners demonstrate unprecedented ease with numeric calculations. Going forth, they can use this skill to perform exceptionally well in math exams. The bonus benefit comes in the form of calculation ease that helps reduce the exam anxiety or learning anxiety too.

  • Improves brain power and coordination in thinking

Students have to listen to instructions to perform operations on the beaded frame. Also, they need to practice control while moving the beads on the frame or to select the appropriate number of beads to perform calculations. Thus, the assignments that tell what abacus is help the students develop mental prowess. With regular use, they exhibit better mental coordination, improved hand-eye coordination and enhanced brain power. 

  • Makes learning fun

Working with Abacus brings in a gamification element in learning method. Kids find it interesting to solve math’s questions on bead frame instead of pen and paper. It takes away the math anxiety and makes kids confident of the concepts learned. The use of Abacus in teaching promotes collaborative learning, which makes the process look like a group activity.

Also, the kids get to learn how to solve using finger technique which is known for speeding up the calculations.

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What to expect in an Abacus class

Before you put the query phrase ‘Abacus classes near me’ on the search bar, have a clear idea of what happens in those classes. At classes like British Youth International College, you will find teachers providing assistance on:

  1. Finger technique based calculations
  2. Thorough use of Abacus to perform basic math calculations
  3. Learning value associated with beads
  4. Flashcard training

Summing Up

Abacus math classes provide ample assistance on learning the numeric calculations as a beginner. Kids find math tough usually, and they need a relaxed approach to ease the learning process. Abacus not only eases the learning but also offers an augmentative measure to encourage use of strategy in solving numeric problems. With an enhanced number sense and clearer understanding of numeric relationships, kids find calculations a cakewalk when they learn it through Abacus.